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Process Coordination Specialists

The relationship between the number of staff available and resolution of customer issues  isn’t linear; slight variations in available agents can impact service delivery badly.

Here’s an example where Customer Service agents found themselves swamped, increasingly unable to cope with the demand from Key Account Customers, with growing backlogs of unopened emails, and unanswered calls.... Read more

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Coordination Map 2

Understanding flow of a customer service request is best understood by looking at the Coordination Map. Blockages, ‘dropped balls’, misdiredction, all become visible. Together with the consequences.

Here’s an example where the customer request is relatively simple, but opportunities for missing delivering magnificent service abound.... Read more

Anticipating the mood and emotion you create in your customers provides you with an opportunity to intervene early when things don’t go to plan. Build a Customer Journey Map from all available information - voice of the customer, sentiment analysis, service requests, anything that gives you a feeling of ‘walking in the customer’s shoes’.

Here’s an example where the As-Is Journey Map highlighted  failure to delight customers.... Read more

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Neural net links 2

Just taking a step backwards and looking differently at the information you have can provide you with insights, and equip you with options to navigate a new approach and strategy.

Here’s an example where the customer sales forecast  was based on capturing 25 parameters for each potential client, and then predicting the outcome; the sort of thing that is necessary to determine cash flow and strategic adherence. Applying machine learning techniques, in this case neural networks, revealed alternative patterns... Read more