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Process Coordination Specialists

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE is a primary retention factor in the service industry. Customer expectation of outstanding service is a norm. Businesses that exceed the norm and create a positive customer experience build the trust and loyalty,  build relationships that significantly improve retention rates, reduce price sensitivity, and increase propensity for value-added offers.

Customer expectations have evolved. ‘I want to contact my provider easily - no waiting listening to music, no  ‘we have received your mail’ responses’; ‘I want personal service on my terms. Coordination of internal practices and processes to meet such expectations needs to evolve accordingly.

In many service industries, customers can unwittingly be categorised as either peripheral or tangential to the mainstream business. Operational practices and processes seem to be geared up to support internal efficiencies; KPI’s report on how the organisation perceives its own operations; yet backlogs of service requests grow, complaints can increase, and another ‘challenge to clear’ drive gets introduced. Organisations continue to use the same approaches that cause poor service, in an attempt to try and fix the problem: a business change programme that doesn’t stick; offshore bulk offloading; increase headcount – all can be wasted effort.

Customer Contact

PROJECT FORENSICS brings together its extensive expertise in coordination practices in the utilities and finance sectors, devoting its efforts to working with organisations to mobilise real change, and deliver customer excellence.